About Lighting Cooperative

About Lighting Cooperative

Lighting Cooperative has been assisting the design world for thirty years now.  Owner Lewis Herman’s goal has always been to aid design professionals in choosing fixtures that enhance the project without calling too much attention to themselves.

We will customize fixtures with such techniques as powder llabating, plating, and, when possible, actual fixture alterations.  Our forte is lighting art properly.  Lewis Herman formerly owned an art gallery, so he pays special attention to bringing the life of the art into the client’s space and living experience.

The fixtures on the following pages may look similar, but they may function in many different ways once lamping, accessories, and/or adjustability are brought into play.  It is our goal to explain these differences and to make sure each project we undertake results in the best possible lighting solutions.

Alongside all of the benefits of today’s LED lighting come constant innovation, some confusion, and some products of poor quality.  We try to be informative, to steer the design world away from choices that will cause problems and disappointment, and to use fixtures that perform in a way that enhances the project.  Our approach in business may be old-fashioned, yet it is the only approach we take.  Do an excellent job and you will make money; don’t make money and hope the project will work.

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